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[ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit >> i home invasion mike pelton it is on the scene in palo alto where a man broke
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into a woman's home and luckily she is ok. where is he though mike? >> offices are still looking for him. there on the scene of the 100 block of hawthorne trying to piece together what happened here this morning. authorities say a woman in her 20s woke up and found a man inside her apartment around 220 this morning. she screamed and that is when the suspects fled the apartment. no word as she is the only one inside the apartment at the time. at this point police are treating this as a burglary but are not ruling anything out including the possibility that this was an attempted sexual assault. the good news is that the victim is ok and with police officers at the police station. >> physically she is not hard. she did not require medical attention. that is the good news. as far as a dramatic incident how major fail and the stress and being scared obviously that is going to be a part of it. as far as being physically
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harmed she was not. >> no suspect in comp custody at this point. officers are trying to piece everything together at this location. they also have officers and surrounding neighborhoods walking around looking for suspicious characters. all they have is that a man it was wearing dark clothing, of very vague description. they're working with the victim to try to get a better description before they release that to us. >> do we know how he got in? was her door open? >> they're not shore or least they're not releasing to us how he got an. this is a standard part of this a investigation. >> is there any indication this guy is arm? >> no indication at this point. it is being kept under wraps, it is still part of the investigation. one centel's once she gets to a better friend of mine hopefully she'll be able to answer a lot of those
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questions. >> hopefully she will be ok. >> around to it is today. don't be fooled it is drying out but it won't be for much longer. >> that's right we will see this until later on tonight. it will begin in the north bay first. there're a lot clouds associated with this system and they're certainly going to pack a punch. it will be a lot heavier than we saw yesterday and we could see up to 10 to 12 hours of heavy rain overnight waking up tomorrow morning. that is a look at the satellite and radar picture. yesterday system is out of our hair relatively early it did not even last until the afternoon. that was mainly a wind yvette. we had some strong gusts out there. this storm is expected to be the strongest of the three. it will pick up friday and then later on the third storm approached saturday night
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headed into sunday. with that we have the potential for mudslides and flooding. more details on what to expect that coming up in my next report. >> we have early activation of the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza and the backup is already starting to form. normally there turned on our around 620. that looks like they got turned on early this morning. it is starting to slow from the middle of the east parking lot. quick commute checked as well as traffic for the bay area is interstate 580 and is not that bad after the altamont pass. i way for a slow through antioch and the rest of the bay area art bay plants the south bay is still pretty good. >> 604 this morning in the number of americans and the unemployment line at foul. 393,000 last week. this is the seventh straight drop after super storm sandy had driven applications much higher earlier in the month.
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applications by 2 451,003 weeks ago after sandy battled the east coast. people canno >> president obama and mitt romney will be sharing a meal at the white house this afternoon. this'll be the first meeting between the two since their last debate. president obama promised in his victory speech earlier this month that they would meet. it was a very bitter campaign. it they will meet in a private dining room in the white house. mitt romney is also expected to meet with former running republicans complained that the white house has yet to provide specifics on how president obama would curb the rapid growth on programs like medicare and medicaid. the president is insisting that taxes go up on families
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with incomes of $250,000 or more. >> police and released the names of two teenage girls were shot and killed during a violent weekend in oakland. 16 year-old barbie start chain and 15 year-old rock killed herself were shot to death around 6:00 sunday morning in east oakland. they had both been hit multiple times by gunfire. police have not determined a motive for the killings and they don't know why the girls were on the open street alone so early that morning. oakland police are asking for your help in finding the missing teenager. 16 year- old scion white walked away from a group home on college avenue. the staff followed her to an area on the international ave and 40
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fifth avenue and then lost sight of her. she is considered at risk because of her diminished mental capacity which they said is that of a nine to 12 year- old child. >> to take its mass last night's power bald for a record $579 million jackpot. one was sold in missouri and one in arizona. they have no information on who won in their states but they will be revealing where it was sold at a new news conference later on today. >> is 606 right now and two supervisors and a former executive enter pleas for current connection with a one of the country's worst oil spills and history. surveillance video showing a bomber moments before the blast. more rain is headed to the bay area, a live look at the bay bridge were things are dry. that is going to change and we will tell you all about it when we continue.
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2 b.p. regs supervisors and a former executive pleaded not guilty in the deadly deep water horizon explosion in the gulf of mexico. b.p. well site leaders are charged with manslaughter and the deaths of 11 rig workers. there also accused of ignoring abnormally high pressure readings just before the explosion. the
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oil rig explosion killed 11 workers and millions of baliol sales of oil into the gulf. >> hostess plans to ask for a just to give executive bonuses as part is that of its plan. they say the incentive pay totaling $1.8 million is needed to retain the 19 managers during the liquidation process which could take a year. it includes the quick sale of its brands that include wonder bread. hostess has received a flood of interest and the brand. they have a loss of 18,000 jobs. the u.s. economy grew at 2.7% for july through september. that is up from initial investment of 2%. this is the best third quarter performance in two
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years and companies spent more to build up inventories in the third quarter than originally estimated in the u.s. trade deficit. some positive news so let's see what happens on wall street when the bell rings and 15 to 20 minutes from now. >> ito's music software could launch as early as today. today is the second to last day before apples deadline for releasing new software. apple's last major overhaul of i tunes was september of 2010. >> we will take a closer look at a crime spree suspect that is just 15 years old. he is accused of robbing stores in the south bay. also your lead is weather and traffic on the kron4 morning news. a live look to the golden gate bridge it is dry on the 1 01 but his plan to get wet later on today. we will be back.
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li >> rain is in the forecast. >> satellite and radar is showing where the rain is currently at. it is well to our north and it is a slow moving system. it will hit the bay area and it will hit
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us hard. petaluma and napa will hit at 4:00 p.m.. heavier rain is for santa rosa by 8:00 p.m. tonight. they will cross the golden gate bridge. as we head into tomorrow morning there will be heavy rain for most of the bay area. this will impact your morning ride so you should drive with extra caution. it may be in tents from 10 to 12 hours tomorrow. the showers will taper off the they will still be on and off. at 12:00 a.m. on saturday will still be dealing with grain. here rain. >> as we head into afternoon everyone will climb to the '60s. it will be 63 degrees
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for napa up at 64 degrees in the city. mid 60's for livermore and pleasanton. upper 50s for half moon bay. wet weather and it will be here to stay. today's system will go into tomorrow and it will be the strongest one. the rain will start to taper off on saturday afternoon however the upper system rolled through stretching into sunday. wednesday temperatures may climb up to the '70s. there are a lot of different weather patterns. >> on castro valley at a hundred and 67. if there is an accident involving a semi truck. >> there is a mess out here.
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it is on route 185. according to chp the truck was driving on northbound on east 185 when the driver of this card sneaks and he swerved to the right and strike one card and then ultimately slimed in front of a used car lot. he took out nine cars. you see these cars and they're mostly trucks that are involved. this truck slammed into these nine cars and 11 vehicles and all. the one that he clips and in the nine cars inside of a lot. no one was hurt. but fire officials are on the scene carry it about 40 gal. of diesel gas has been spilled on the sidewalk and street. the delays will be for the next hour. this was a very big sneeze for this driver. he stated that it happened
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because he sees very hard. >> this is not going to create too much of a traffic problem but this is a major area. this is an industrial neighborhood. >> sadly, it is a rough commute for the westbound area. the metering lights have been activated. we are backed up to west grand boulevard. on 90 to the san mateo bridge has not yet begun to slow down. the golden gate bridge and 1 01 still looks great from marin county. as we check the traffic map we only have two minutes added to the drive time on interstate 80 is at 16 minutes. south bay
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freeway is completely clear but this time. if they have no problems or delays. the north bay ride is still under 20 minutes. >> it is 6:19 a.m.. >> this is our first look at a teenager who went on a barren islands story. he appeared in court yesterday and then he walked out after he was charged as an adult. he state. he and his accomplicey to kill a police officer in a car chase on november 16th. he was arrested that night and its of detectives to find his friend. the d a will not state what their relationship is but he was a willing participant. >> how does a 15 year-old
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start out on a crime spree? >> and he is being held without bail and he will be back in court next week. depending on the evidence this will determine whether there will be tried together or separately. >> administration in the minister's assets francis are all talking about a convicted sex offender been allowed to be on their campus. on last night's meeting the parents learned that he had been on the campus more than once. he was spotted at a festival in some of the parents stated that were glad they were there and that they will not release letters of volunteers and a safety committee is being formed. >> a review of the lacher officer shooting was
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determined that officers were justified and opening fire. if this was related to workplace shooting at a plant in cupertino. this 49 year-old man opened fire and nine of the employees were hit. this is what led to a manhunt and they found him the next day hiding behind a car. according to police they opened fire after he made a threatening gesture with his gun. they stated that the police shot him eight times but he died from a self-inflicted wound to his head. >> a former middle school student and an eight year sentence for molesting a student has been upscaled. 44 year-old man was convicted and sentenced to contra costa county court. he was a physical education teacher and he pleaded no
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contest to child molestation charges. >> it is 6:22 a.m.. we will show you this video out of norway where the bomber before the deadly blast. we have a live look and cars are traveling fine.
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line we are back in 6:25 a.m.. the palestinian stated the they will vote on resolutions at their status at the united nations. this is a move that they believe will be a step for to solutions with israel. there are no vetoes and the resolutions are certain of approval. there are sympathetic to the palestinian cause. that only require a simple majority vote. >> we have no surveillance that has been released from norway or you can see this mass murderer before he detonated a bomb. this was just before this one offer you can see him walking up and driving in a van and then walking away and this
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explosion followed. we will play it once more for you. as you could see this white man and this bombing killed eight people. this was just the beginning of the crime spree. eventually 69 more people were killed and gun down on an island. he was convicted and sentenced to 21 years. this is the maximum there. >> this is a protest in cairo. these protesters are rowdy and they are closing the embassy nearby. they issued a statement that they should avoid the area because this is close--this is due to a vote on special assembly. this boat was announced just before the constituents assembled to rush there to do their work.
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we will be following the latest year. >> we will get the latest on our developing story of apollo out to where a woman walks up to a masked man in her bedroom. there is a big crash on the scene and we will have it live report coming up. we're also following wall street and we are minutes away from following wall street and we are minutes look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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>> we are back it is 6:30 a.m.. >> they just rung the bell. the trading has begun and we did have positive trading earlier. we will see if this leads to any positive trainintrading. we will have rob black and 15 minutes to break down the headlines.
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>> we will break down the forecast because it is dry right now but the rain is still coming. >> the moisture is in your read th eureka. we will start to see grain for santa rosa are around 4:00 p.m.. if it will shift to the south. the heaviest rain will fall about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is the peak of the morning commute. it will be potentially hazardous because it will be 10 to 12 consistencies of heavy downpours. temperatures are in the '60s and mostly cloudy conditions clear visibility. we have the chance for north they showers and these will
6:32 am
increase in intensity and grow widespread as we head into later on tonight. we will have details of what you should expect coming up soon. >> as we continue to monitor the hot spot we are updating the bay bridge were you concede that conditions are still sluggish on the approach. the drive time is still 16 to 80 minutes for the ride. we have started to pick up a little slowing for the upper and east shore freeway. otherwise it is still a pretty good ride for the north bay freeway. >> at 6:32 a.m.. the developing story that we are following is a search for a man who broke into a woman's apartment in palo alto. >> mike pelton has been on the scene and he will tell us what someone is stating about the incident. >> the first people that we
6:33 am
saw was this one right here on your screen and officers are starting to talk with her. a few remaining officers are here and there tried to piece together what happened. if they stated that a woman in her 20s woke up and found a man in her apartment about 2:20 a.m.. if they stated that she screamed and that is when the suspect fled the apartment. if they stated their not sure if she was in her apartment with someone else. at this time they stated that she is ok and she is being questioned down at the station. they're treating this as a burglary but not ruling this out as a sexual assault. they're trying to get more answers as they finished his interview with her. there are looking to see how the action got into her apartment and whether or not he was armed. they are trying to get a better description of him and at
6:34 am
this point they only know that he is a man and he was wearing dark clothing and obviously this is a very vague description. the one to improve on this and the victim is okay this morning and daria they did have canine units out and this did not lead them to anything. they're searching through the neighborhood said answer a lot of questions. >> police are trying to get stolen getaway car that was involved in this mansion grab. this is a jury store with a man using a hammer going to the display place. this was about noon at this jury store. two men held up employees at gunpoint and they demanded jury and after they took off they fled in a
6:35 am
car on university avenue and this. if you think you know who is behind this burberry then you should contact police. >> a man who was killed on a head-on collision crash has been identified as a 69 year-old man who crossed the center expressway and he drove into the fast lane a against traffic. he crashed into a car and was killed instantly. the driver of the car that he hit was taken to a hospital and he is expected to recover. >> this is the 116, side of the year. this happened where a man was found fatally shot at russet street. they stated that he has not been identified for the type of car. we are contemning to track gas
6:36 am
prices. it is about $3.70 a gallon. >> san francisco has an average of $3.82. san jose is at $3 an 7 day a gallon. a poll stated that they are a dense presence of obamas health care. 54 percent of american stated that it is not up to the federal government to supply health care. it also allows young girl dolls to stay on their parents' insurance a little bit longer. >> the time is 6:36 a.m.. a new rail project is making news. we will take a live look outside and san jose is dark but clear. the traffic looks pretty good at 1 01.
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the metering lights may have looks pretty good at 1 01. the metering lights may have just been activated. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >> authorities have released the names of two teenage girls there were shot and killed in oakland. they were found shot to death on sunday about 6:00. they were hit by gunfire multiple times. the police do not
6:38 am
know why there were on an oakland street alone that early in the morning. they have not had any arrests. >> this man has been an charged with posing as a photographer trying to lure teenagers into taking pictures. the parents of these girls call police and they stated that he approached their daughters stated that he was a professional photographer wanted to take their pictures. he got the girls phone numbers and sent them all of these tax messages about suggested pitchers. he even wanted to meet them when their parents were away. he is charged with contacting a minor for sexual content. >> he has been ordered to stand trial will be eligible for the death penalty if he is charged. prosecutor stated that he let them on a police chase after a bank robbery. officer chased him
6:39 am
and this is when he was shot and killed. >> these are your top stories that you for watching.
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>> >> this wal-mart supercenter is one step closer. they were ruled in favor of the plan despite a judge's condition. they stated that they should of been an environmental study before it was approved. this shopping center is much larger and is warmer stated that they would need this location. it will have a grocery section and critics of the plan states that this will lead to more traffic. >> new projections about a light rail condition. there stating that this plan may
6:41 am
not be worth it. they revealed that a mere 200 more riders will jump on this >> and make it the least used one in the entire country. the cost will be 1.6--107 $5 million for taxpayers. transportation officials say that the extension will reduce gas efficiency-- >> the power is now back on for people who lost their power due to the windy weather. we were out there liven you saw that the wins were howling and the waves were going. for most of them it was an appropriate data stay in but some of them stated that they had to get out. >> it was not a better day
6:42 am
for may because it was not a lot of people out and the waves were coming and it was a long board today. >> this is an ideal day for surfing. >> the way is for only about 2 4 ft. a piece of first stated that it was nice to be outside because they are enjoying it now because there is a break between the two storms. >> will take a quick break and we're keeping a quick high on the skies. a lot of clouds are up above and will get day update on the weather in just a minute.
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@ñ >> a man who broke into a woman's apartment in the area of hawthorne ave. the intruder came in her apartment and she woke up
6:46 am
and saw him and she started screaming. we will have the latest at the top of our. >> we are waiting for president obama and mitt romney to sit down for lunch. where would i get a chance to see what happens because it is a private meeting. this will be their first meeting since the last debate. they stated that this was a bitter election and that they will talk today. >> we are getting a break we do have more on the way. here's a live look at the bay bridge and we are talking about and the drops will start to fall. >> that will start in the north bay or around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. it looks to be clouds of side and it is mainly clear. there are no problems of visibility. if you have any activities you should do right now because the second half of the day does not look promising. we will be
6:47 am
monitoring the system and right now it is touching down in eureka. if you thought and yesterday morning was bed then you have not seen anything yet. it will be up to 4 in. for the north bay just compared to yesterday. the rest of the bay area was see wanted to 3 in. are running. heavier rain will be in santa rosa and north of the golden gate bridge. it will go south by 8:00 p.m.. the showers will pick up and it may get up to a 10 to 12 hours of consistent downpours. weekend of tomorrow morning will be banned. >d. >> it looks like we will have showers for saturday morning as well. here's a
6:48 am
look pitcher temperatures it is 57 for santa rosa. kron47 day around the bay shows that it will be consistent rain and it provides the potential for flooding and mud slides. the chance for showers will diminish by monday and the conditions will be pretty mild with seven days by the middle of next week. >> here is a live look and castro valley at 162nd where a semi truck slammed into several parked cars and ruptured his fuel tank. >> traffic is backed up by west grand boulevard. this is not the worst is just 80 minutes. the san mateo
6:49 am
bridge in the ride on highway 92 is starting to slow with a 15 minute drive time. if you're ride to the golden gate bridge to ring county is still good. >> moving on to the markets as we track what is happening on wall street. we are above the 13,000 mark. we have a rob black here to break down the headlines. >> we want to get started with the latest on retail sales. we have what macy's and target stated that thanksgiving was good but not great. >> the problem was hurricane sandy or super storm sandy what everyone a call it. then is are going well now but macy's and target had expectations and thanksgiving came earlier in the year so they did get that extra week of shopping.
6:50 am
if this may be positive for them. we are expecting discrepancies of 1.6--you brought up sandy and we are getting a better idea of what the total economic cost was. >> we had new york and new jersey stating that they're looking forh of damages. these are just these two states. we have seen a lot of money that has been spent on recoveries. >> we are a little bit out of touch. the national cars are keeping a lot serve various and we're looking at about $90 billion. this will hurt and it will help them next year. if is a cost but not a good cause. there are
6:51 am
not a lot of pluses for rebuilding jobs. part of our economy--is hit a very wealthy area of the country and you have a lot of people that are out of jobs that were helping the economy with their high paying jobs. >> does lowe's or home depot see a bump in their sales? >> absolutely. their company said the generators but these companies are not-- let's also wrapping up to talk about the fiscal cliff. the president is trying to hammer things down. there was a slight bump in the markets because a was a slight bit of optimistic. >> companies are still doing things trying to prevent a loss. >> gm is the one absolutely nothing. this tells you that
6:52 am
we're not all the same page. if everyone is saying what is true that a deal should get done. he is one of the people that people do not know the wall street do know him. >> some companies are paying out dividends early in anticipation that a deal may not be done. >> the famous one as wal- mart but we did see that disney is starting to pour their dividends. this gives us extra for the shareholders. this would be a good tax refund. i the clock is ticking and we have 33 days until the clift. we love numbers. if we can do it countdown will do with
6:53 am
the this is the latest. >> hopefully they can get a deal done. >> lindsay lohan was arrested a gang for fighting. here she is she was released from jail this morning. she has a black jacket covering her head and apparently she identify with that woman as she hitter in the face. this was at a nightclub overnight. the witnesses stated that she struck are in the face with a hand. she did not require medical condition lohan has another arrest under her belt. she is charged with third degree assault. >> 6:53 a.m. and will be right back. it is strauss' size of this is good news compared to yesterday. enjoy your ride to work or school and will be right back.
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line towards are rust is in trouble. they're having problems fulfilling torrid orders. many customers who place orders stated that they're receiving e-mail sector orders have been canceled. numerous customers posted their stories on torahs are russ facebook page. they stated that customer services on a regional and toys r ross has not made any responses. >> make sure to what dr. phil and today who is the best celebrity babysitter? he has three celebrities and they may be not be a listers. which to let them
6:58 am
watch your kids? >> we will take a quick break it is 6:57 a.m.. when we come back we would tell you about the two tickets that match the power ball drawing. this is amazing and we will tell you where these tickets were sold. there is more rain for the bay area. there is a fight that spilled over at a basketball game. we will get his thoughts on what happened.
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